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Everyone goes through hell, this is just my story...

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Sunday, February 13th, 2005
6:46 pm
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This journal is now friends only, if you wish to take a peek into my twisted little mind, leave a comment here, to anyone else... later...

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Thursday, February 10th, 2005
9:48 pm

current mood: amused

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7:31 pm
Today was funny as hell, well the morning... new "toy" that Brad came up with. Came up with ideas for an incredibly politically incorrect company, selling very odd things, etc... it would be fun ^_^

The first "product idea" was the "dinky" a cross between a slinky and a dick... strange, wierd, but funny slogans that I dare not mention here unless I am asked to. The second product was the "tickle me dinky" similar concept to the tickle me elmo... but different product with a different reaction.

Today was kinda boring, we were talking about the formal, Aaron's having a bit of trouble finding a date... so we all told him to take Daniel lol, it was because he changed school and we hardly see him. Thats all well and good, but I'd also like to see him in a dress, make him and Aaron look real bad lol... but that would make the rest of us look bad too... Ewan, Chris, Josh, Thien, Tam and myself... ah well, its worth it to see Daniel make an ass of himself like that lol.

Well, can't think of much else to say except that I really, really like hugs!!!


current mood: bouncy

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Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
8:16 pm
Today what shit as usual... although I did eat a berocca tablet, I must say that was the highlight of the day... aside from wasting about 30 mon of lesson time because I didn't want to remove my piercings. I only answer to my mother in those situations, that prick is only ACTING dept. principal, he's not important at all... rude fucking prick too.

Fencing was interesting, I did ok for my first time in about 2 years... although my whole right leg is all achey and stuff. I found out about Lacuna Coil... they rule!

Well... I can't think of anything else to say, except for things that will only worry people.. so, later...

current mood: ...

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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
10:41 pm
Wow... you could very well be satan him/herself.

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9:52 pm
Everything sucks... do me a favour and kill me, now.

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9:31 pm
You are uber goth. You are dark, mysterious,
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darkness. You enjoy life, you see beauty in
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Wow... those wings look cool...

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Monday, February 7th, 2005
10:09 pm - Yeah I know I'm a nerd...
I had so much fun a Hive on the weekend! Flying the planes in Desert Combat is easy! Especially when you have the best plane in the game! Slow ish and easy to fly, with a shitload of ammo! I can win against anyone in it! Hah! 3 on 1? I was still winning!

Although the tricky stuff eventually made me crash lol, then again I tried kamikaze a few times too, its always funny when you miss with one of those lol! Aaron and his stupid buggy! I'll get you bastard! :P

well... that was useless lol


current mood: weird

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6:36 pm
A few people saw my cut today... some of them being my friends. Yeah I know I have problems, they know it too. It doesn't help when someone calls me a fucking dickhead for doing it... NATHAN!!! So yeah, I'm a little pissed off at the moment.
you don't understand, because you can't, next time, say nothing...

Today was kinda boring, although Mr Deverson and Mrs Hargrave have noticed an improvement... guess that's 'cause mental illness got the better of me last year... that wasn't too good.

I got a missed call from a number I don't recognise today... strange... who the hell would have my number? Well, some of Alex's friends might, but that would be it. Strangeness...

I'm kinda bored now, and I found out about some people... Nathan says that he and Keenan are two different people... but some things said otherwise. I'm letting it go, no point in dragging it on.

Well, that's about it for today, there's nobody online, so I may as well go myself, I might get in to trouble for being online right now... stupid mother.

Anyways, later

current mood: mixed and stuff

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6:29 pm
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current mood: curious

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Saturday, February 5th, 2005
10:10 pm - Yes, I would like some cheese, thankyou very much!
I finally got the rest of the pictures that Alex and I took a few weeks back, these are the ones that aren't way too big. Enjoy!

Pictures...Collapse )

So what does everyone think?

current mood: hyper

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9:01 am - Stay the hell out of my garden!
Yes, the subject is once again completely random (stole it from Daniel's old MSN name lol).

I'm going in to Hive today, with Aaron, Brad and Daniel. Haven't done that in a while, the last time I went was with Nathan, and I beat him really badly at Desert Combat! He couldn't hit me at all, in fact he couldn't even get off the ground! Flyng skills improved! Hah!

Hopefully I wont have Brad on my team for that game... he takes the planes and crashes them, he's useless! I kill him myself I get that pissed off with him! Warcraft 3 is fun, although setting up a game takes ages 'cause everyone likes to play the special theme maps from the internet... takes too damn long!

So, I went out for dinner last night, the chinese restaurant we went to was really crap (for those in my area, the Imperial Prince on Main South Rd in O'Halloran Hill). When I got home I got to talk to Aaliyah on Yahoo, she worries me sometimes, but I'm really glad she's ok. I was talking to Alex as well... painful... really painful. I can't say why though, I'd rather not... not yet anyways.

I'm downloading a Pantera song at the moment, a freind told me that I'd like them, he's probably right, I like heavy music anyways. Although he did flick my ear that was peirced, I have to take them out for school, he forgot it was really painful... lucky I didn't hit him. They aren't fully healed yet, and whenever I take them out and put them back in it hurts a lot, like worse than the original piercings (well, they don't hurt at all lol).

I have the Jay and Silent Bob Fuck Song! It's funny as! everyone should get it! Well, maybe not that funny, but it's good for a laugh. I'm trying to get this thing called The Clown Song by D-Control... I heard it once and thought it was pretty funny, too bad WinMX can't find it :(

I can't wait to go to Hive, it'll be fun, I hope... although I was tempted to stay home... but meh, I'm going out. I can mope around tomorrow.

Do like I told you, Stay away from me, Never misunderstand me, Keep away from me!

current mood: meh

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Friday, February 4th, 2005
9:39 pm
just kill me now...

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3:12 pm - At School...
Well, I'm in my last lesson for today... wasnt so bad though, my mp3 player is fully charged, and I'm listening to my music through the computer, so it's gonna stay charged.

I listened to Always by Saliva on repeat all through lunch... I love that song... even though it makes me sad :(

Legal studies is so boring, IT seems easier... and I thought Access would be a bitch! Hah! Italian, easy as always, Religion is a bit of a challenge, but I dont mind that, and English, well thats too easy, I'm already ahead on one asignment... but havent started the biography & autobiography one... can't figure out who to interview... meh, I'll figure something out.

End of the lesson now, I'm in an ok mood I guess, someone saw my cut, it was Zvon, I just told him to shut up and leave it, I don't want my friends to know... they'll freak.

Anyways, later!

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12:44 am
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current mood: bored

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12:25 am
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current mood: amused

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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
11:50 pm - Eh?
I'm really tired now, should've gone to bed a while ago, but I want another Godsmack song dammit! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot! Music!

Anyways, I'm seeing Flick after school tomorrow, Aaron might be comming along too, which would be good, Aaron's one of the best friends I've got. I spoke with Alex tonight, she was really worried about me... I almost couldn't believe it, then again, I am pretty fucked up at the moment. She was really upset about a few thing, somehow I managed to cheer her up a little. I guess that we'll always be friends, I've got a lot of love and respect for her... I guess it's the same on her end... otherwise there's no way we would have spoken like that tonight.

I feel really pathetic at the moment... but the reason is my own.

I'm not going to my formal now... too damn expensive, and I don't have anyone I can take. Meh... it happens. It's out of my way anyways... and they'll just play a whole heap of shit music again. I don't wanna spend over $300 on something that I'm not likely to enjoy. I'd have enough money by then... with my parents helping out a bit. But even if I wanted to go, I have nobody to take, so there's no damn point.

Wow! This Godsmack song is awesome! woooooooooooot! Godsmack!!!!!! Wierdness... depressive to insane again... s'all good! :D :P wooot!!!

current mood: hyper

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11:05 pm

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current mood: tired

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1:37 pm - ...
Well, I had a fight with Alex last night... it really hurt, even though we're just friends. I was going to go to school today... but I couldn't... I saw her... and it hurt. I punched the bus stop, sounded hard, but it wasnt really, didn't even bruise. The last time I really punched something my knuckled were badly bruised and bleeding.

Mum saw the cut on my arm and reckons it should have been stitched... even if I thought I needed it, can't be bothered going to the doctors about it. Of course my mum freaked out when she saw it... she cant handle it. I'd hate to be her if I end up killing myself. School doesn't seem any different, still messed up, still can't work as well as I used to. I considdered leaving... maybe get a job, or go to tafe or something... either that or just die. I can't see any reason I have to be alive. I should be asking for help with all this... but I don't have anyone I'm willing to turn to.

I'm pissed of with Nathan at the moment 'cause he said he really didn't give a shit about me... some best friend he is. And if you read this Nath, don't have a go at me for it... yeah you were pissed off, so was I, in fact I was really fucked up at the time as well... I guess you don't understand that... oh well, if you want me to tell you, then just ask.

My mum got 3 calls this morning, 1 from Mr Lambert (dept principal at my school), 1 from Mr Samuel, my homeroom teacher, and 1 from my friend Chris. Surprisingly enough, they we're really worried. In fact Chris called my phone while I was on the bus home... Brad must have let them know, either him or Nick. I'm glad though, as messed up as I was, it made me feel better that he tried to see if I was ok.

I'm a bit disappointed in myself though, I'd promised that I wouldn't cut again, now I have the worst cut I've ever done. I'll live, so it's no big deal... guess I'm gonna go back to being alone... it seems to be the best thing for me at the moment. I considdered isolating myself from everyone for a while... haven't made up my mind yet.

Well, thats all for now... later...

current mood: sad

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
7:46 pm
... I just cut my arm again... it's so deep... it wont stop bleeding... what the fuck is wrong with me!? how the hell did I go so deep!?

current mood: depressed

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